Television programming that will keep you laughing

When it comes to satisfying your funny bone, there is no better outlet than Comedy Central. Two of the most iconic shows on Comedy Central are the Half Hour, and Comedy Central Presents.

Standup comedy is the foundation of comedic television. There is nothing better than a comic on a stage with just a microphone who can keep an audience in stitches with his verbal imagery. A good dose of standup comedy is one of the best things one can view on television. Most of the big specials tend to be an hour in length. Sometimes a full hour is too much, those are the times when the Half Hour is the best thing going.
The Comedy Central Half Hour spotlights the unique and funny voices performing comedy today. Garfunkel & Oates, Jesse Popp, Neal Brennan, Na’im Lynn, David O’Doherty, Michael Palascak, Rory Scovel, Maronzio Vance, Nick Vatterott, Theo Von and Brendon Walsh, all performed their first solo Comedy Central specials on the Half Hour. The Half Hour is filmed at the Royale in Boston. It airs on Fridays.Before there was the Half Hour, there was Comedy Central Presents. Comedy Central Presents was also a half hour standup comedy show which featured some of the most promising up and coming comedians of the time. Many big name acts appeared on this platform before they would become the household names they are today. Acts including such names as, including Louis C.K., Dave Chappelle, Patton Oswalt, Amy Schumer, Jim Gaffigan, Kevin Hart, Zach Galifianakis, Dane Cook, Bill Burr, Wanda Sykes and Maria Bamford, all performed on this show. This comedy mainstay ended its run in 2011, and was replaced by the Comedy Central Half Hour series. Although this series is no longer in production, there is a compilation DVD entitled, “Best of Comedy Central Presents: Uncensored” The performers on that DVD are: Lewis Black, Dane Cook, Jeff Dunham, Jim Gaffigan, Mitch Hedberg, Demetri Martin, Carlos Mencia, and Brian Regan. They also released a second compilation DVD, The Best of Comedy Central Presents: Uncensored II: This collection featured Dave Attell, Mike Birbiglia, Frank Caliendo, Zach Galifianakis, Stephen Lynch, Patton Oswalt, Nick Swardson, and Daniel Tosh.
The way to enjoy these and other great programs on Comedy Central is to contact your television provider and request Comedy Central if you don’t already receive it as part of your programming package.

Top 10 Comedy Movies of All Time

Top 10 Comedy Movies

What makes a movie funny? Humor is not only a subjective thing, it doesn’t cross language and cultural barriers easily. Also, “comedy movies” describes a pretty broad field. There are action comedies, romantic comedies, and probably other comedy genres yet to be dreamed up. So limiting a list to just ten choices is a daunting task.

And yet, there are some humorous movies that through plot, writing, topic, and comedic performances, transcend boundaries and stand out in this field. Below are a few that cinematic experts think met the criteria of superior comedy films, and why.

10. The General-1925
“The Great Stone Face”, a.k.a. comedian Buster Keaton wrote, directed, and starred in this silent film, one of the biggest hits of his long career. The American Civil War plot deals with a stolen railroad engine, and it’s as watchable for its jaw dropping stunts as its slap stick comedy.

9. Safety Last!-1923
Silent film comedy genius Harold Lloyd plays an efficiency expert who’s going to bring a company up to speed if it kills him. Watching some of the stunts the star performs (including hanging from the hands of a clock) you’ll be amazed that it didn’t.

8. It Happened One Night-1934
This film is not only the granddaddy of all modern romantic comedies, it’s never been equaled by its successors. Newsman Clark Gable tracks down runaway heiress Claudette Colbert, and single handedly destroys the men’s undershirt industry by going bare chested. Seriously.

7. Arsenic And Old Lace-1944
Understandably, movie-goers needed humorous escapes during the war years, and this black comedy based on a hit play is one of the better ones. Hero Cary Grant is horrified to discover that his sweet and elderly aunts are serial killers, bumping off depressed fellow senior citizens.

6. Some Like It Hot-1955
Musicians Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon are forced to discover their inner women while on the run after witnessing a gangland killing. Marilyn Monroe offers tipsy assistance to them and a great comedic performance as well.

5. Dr. Strangelove (Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb)-1964
A brilliant black comedy about countries on the verge of nuclear war, Peter Sellars and George C. Scott lead a great cast in one of the first films selected for the United States’ National Film Registry.

4. Blazing Saddles-1974
It’s crass. It’s vulgar. And it’s also a very funny sendup of Western movies, courtesy of Mel Brooks, for whom no genre is sacred.

3. Ghostbusters-1984
Television comedians vs. the Sta-Puff man? It shouldn’t have worked, but this “horror comedy” remains a highly regarded classic.

2. When Harry Met Sally-1989
Can men and women just be friends? Two of them try, exchanging lots of great one liners along the way in this romantic comedy.

1. Toy Story-1995
Even playthings have their issues, as this animated buddy comedy reveals. The movie was one of the best reviewed of the year, and spawned two hit sequels.

Comedy’s Effect on Your Mood

Everyone knows that laughing is contagious. The sound of laughter itself makes people laugh. Every thing about the act of laughing makes your life better and connects you with the people around you. It can bind people together with happiness and intimacy. One factor about laughing that most people do not know is that it not only makes you happy but it actually is good for your health. Laughter can strengthen your immune system, eliminate pain, increase your energy, and ward off stress. It is almost like a medicine that is completely free and full of fun.

Laughter is very powerful when it comes to the mind and body. There is nothing in the world that works faster or is more reliable than balancing out your mind and your body after a great laugh. Having humor in your life can lighten the burdens that you are holding on to, inspire your dreams and hopes, connect you with the people around you, keeps you focused, aware, and alert. Because it stimulates all of these wonderful things, laughter can easily solve problems between two people, bring a romantic relationship back in good standing after a fight, enhance good emotional and physical health.

Physical Benefits:

  • Laughter increases the body’s immune system
  • Laughter lowers the body’s stress hormone
  • Laughter decreases one’s pain
  • Laughter relaxes tense muscles
  • Laughter can even prevent heart disease from occurring down the road

Mental Benefits

  • Laughter adds happiness and joy into one’s life
  • Laughter decreases fear and anxiety
  • Laughter relieves stress and prevents it from happening
  • Laughter improves one’s overall mood
  • Laughter enhances resilience

Social Benefits

  • Laughter can strengthen relationships by bringing two people closer
  • Laughter attracts other people because they want to laugh too
  • Laughter stimulates teamwork because now the task has become enjoyable
  • Laughter helps subside conflict and tension between people
  • Laughter enhances the bonding of a group of people that may be having issues connecting all together

Laughter may not come all that easily to some people but that is okay. It is never too late to start having fun. Start with simple steps to increase the laughter in your life including smiling more often, making a list of the good things in your life, going towards laughter if you hear it, spend time with playful people, and bringing humor into conversations.